Mission & Goals


The mission of the Creative Airdrie Society is to engage all Airdrie citizens in a vibrant and healthy arts and cultural community that is recognized for excellence


Airdrie is a city with a vibrant sustainable, resilient and innovative arts industry

 Airdrie is a city rich in talent and artistic excellence is celebrated

Airdrie is a city with a diverse range of arts and culture events and attractive places and spaces to host them

 Airdrie is a city where every child has the opportunity to explore and experience the arts

 Airdrie is a city that values arts and culture and considers it a priority in enriching the lives of all residents

 Airdrie is a city with outstanding arts leadership



The Creative Airdrie Society (CAS) is the leader of arts development in the City of Airdrie. CAS acts as the hub for investment, promotion, engagement, development and education of the arts in the community.

The leader in creating and maintaining the Arts Master Plan for the City of Airdrie which encompasses the creation of a vibrant sustainable arts community that provides for enhanced quality of life, economic diversification and all ages/stages access to the arts.

The leader in education – creating opportunities for students and teachers, artists and community to learn together, becoming recognized as an attractive location for establishing post secondary arts education and providing live/work options for new and emerging artists

The leader in supporting economic sustainability – creating opportunities that connect the arts with business, creating an attractive environment for knowledge based work forces, attracting arts based businesses and their natural spin offs.

The leader in talent development – promoting and encouraging the development of local arts talent and making Airdrie an attractive environment for emerging to established artists to live/work in Airdrie.

The leader in talent attraction – creating the environment for established artists in all genres to include Airdrie in performance schedules, artist in residence programs and work/live arrangements.

The leader in facility enhancement and development – leading the drive for places and spaces that enhance the arts experience for the arts provider and patron.

The leader in governmental affairs – influencing all levels of government on arts development funding and sustainability within the region.

The leader in community engagement – working with the public to ensure voices are heard, ideas are shared and collaborative efforts are encouraged.

The leader in preserving the cultural heritage of Airdrie through enriched cultural experiences including but not limited to displays and events.

The leader in co-operation with other city events to provide a cultural component.