Little Black Book Project

Welcome to the little black book project.


Little Black Book Project 

It’s officially out on the street

 (or should we say coffee counter near you). Thanks to an enthusiastic group of grade twelve students at Bert Church High School, thirty little black books have made their way out into the universe! Many of the students wrote or drew entries to get people motivated to take part. If you see one of these books add your thoughts and if you like drop us a line and tell us where you found it.



Bert Church Drama Students above have fun prepping our little black books. From left; Rheana Baccus, Levi Bullock, Chyanne Breland, Tamara Vis, in front Mackenzie Jones. Photo credit: A.M.J. Bert Church High School

 What it says inside:

If you are holding this book to read the thoughts, notes, quotes and doodles of others and then add your own, think of it as an old fashioned facebook. A sort of message in a bottle.

  • You can be anonymous or use your initials.
  • You can be funny, reflective, honest or upset.
  • You can be vague, direct, clever or silly.
  • All we ask if that you don’t use profanity or print messages of hate.

Once you have added your words or doodles please for someone else to share. You may leave it where you found it or take it to another public place.

If you find this book and there is no more room to write in it please send it to:
Creative Airdrie Society
#509, 203 – 304 Main Street Square
Airdrie AB T4B 3C3

Your postage will be reimbursed if you provide a return address.