Board of Directors

The 2013 Board Members of Creative Airdrie are:

  • Chair: Tim Bolton
  • Past Chair: Pat Cashion
  • Vice Chair/Communications: Sherry Shaw-Froggatt
  • Bruce Kerr
  • Koos Dejongh
  • Lorelei Talbot
  • Deanna Hunter
  • Linda Bruce


The Creative Airdrie Society (CAS) is the leader of arts development in the City of Airdrie. CAS acts as the hub for investment, promotion, engagement, development and education of the arts in the community.

Formed in September of 2010 by business leaders and artists, CAS has already successfully launched two major arts projects in the City and is generating city wide buzz for their focus and acumen to move arts and culture to the forefront of the general population and local and regional government.

The Board of Directors is chaired by Tim Bolton, Branch Manager Scotiabank Airdrie,  Pat Cashion, owner of Vitreous Glass, arts patron and former chair of ACAD is now past chair. Vice Chair and CAs founder is airdrielife publisher Sherry Shaw-Froggatt,

2013 Projects

Pharmasave Mural  Oct 2013- ongoing

Fortis Art Wraps April – Aug 2013

ARTember Sept 13 – 29, 2013

AIRdirondack Art Project Jan 1 – Sept 21 2013

2012 Projects

ARTember Sept 14-30, 2012

AIRdirondack Art Project Feb 1 – Sept 22 , 2012

2011 Projects

ARTember - CAS was the recipient of a $20,000 grant for Alberta Arts Days and built upon that donation and created ARTember a 17 day festival fo the arts in Airdrie with the finanical and in kind support of Travel Alberta, The City of AIrdrie and more than 60 local businesses. ARTember included an art show, gala, flash mob, workshops, Taste of Airdrie, Arts in Business, and Culture at the Creek – the Alberta Arts Day celebration with music, hands on art projects, food and comedy.

AIRdirondack Art Project – this event showcases 12 artists’ work on 12 adirondack chairs in 12 locations across the city during the summer months. The chairs are auctioned off in the fall at a fundraising gala. The first event raised $10,000 in one hour. The 2011 event is part of  ARTember celebrations.

Main Street Art Project – this is a collaborative effort involving community groups, sports clubs, neighbourhoods and businesses together with local artists to create more than 300 ft of mural space on Main Street in Airdrie.  The finished work represents a “connected pathway” through all 39 panels and represent more than 30 different visions of community spirit. More than 1300 people were involved.

The Little Black Book Project – this written word project encourages people to write, doodle or draw in one of thirty randomly placed notebooks throughout the city. Full books are requested to be returned to Creative Airdrie for documenting and archiving.

For more information on Creative Airdrie please contact

Communications: Sherry Shaw-Froggatt 403.807.1272

We are on the lookout for valuable team members to join our various committees and projects. Please contact us if you are interested in being an active participant.