2012 AIRdirondack Chair Artists

Koos de Jongh is a self-taught artist from the Netherlands.
Working primarily with acrylics, Koos creates abstract works in bold colours, challenging the viewer to ‚Äústop and take a second look‚ÄĚ. He finds his inspiration in nature‚Äôs and human communication elements and translates these into powerful images on canvas.
Koos immigrated to Canada in 2009 where he met like-minded abstract artists at the Alberta College of Art and Design. Koos and five other artists formed the group ab-straKt 373 to promote the form of abstract art.

Christine Taylor  Each piece is personalized and crafted in designer Christine Taylor’s Airdrie home studio.  Hoodoo Design’s jewelry has been on tour with Jann Arden, featured at the 2010 CCMA awards and will again be featured on Jann Arden’s tour in 2012. www.hoodoodesigns.ca


Tracy-Lee Shannon Born in Jasper, AB.¬†¬† I have been a ¬†County of Rocky View ¬†resident for 20 years. I graduated with distinction from the Alberta College of Art and Design from 1986- 1989 in Drawing (mixed media) & 1989 ‚Äď 1991 in Ceramic (sculpture).¬† In both my drawings and my sculpture I try to combine a variety of media, incorporating, paint, paper, clay and metal. Pattern and the figure are strong visual elements in my work. Found objects are also used to create texture and tact ability to each piece. I am inspired by artists like Gustav Klimt who use layers of color and pattern to create depth and texture. Please feel free to take a look at my website.¬† www.StudioShannon.ca

Rod Wood After¬†years of University Fine Arts classes Rod Wood entered¬†a 30 year career with CBC Television from which he retired¬†as a Senior Graphic Designer. Rod’s exposure¬†to¬†art galleries was through his oil paintings but it is photography¬†that currently excites his passion. He loves to get lost in flower gardens, light displays, scenics and grandchildren’s faces. Digital cameras have reawaken¬†his childhood sense of play¬†¬†and he is happy wandering with a camera and wondering what will next appear in the viewfinder.

Robyn Cooper The majority of my serious art training was through John Abbott College in Quebec. It was an extensive three year program with which I studied all aspects of visual arts. I was told then that I had the painting technique of a house painter. Thank goodness I was studying to be a potter, and I graduated with honors as a Ceramic Technologist.

After I was married and had children, I started to paint murals as a creative outlet .When I moved to Airdrie,  I was commissioned to paint murals in the Royal Canadian Legion Branch to commemorate our brave veterans.

I was an active member of the Airdrie Artist Guild from 1990-1993.  Through that group, I was able to explore painting, take some wonderful workshops and mostly connect with some of the wonderful artists that live in and around Airdrie. Somehow, with the duties of motherhood and the responsibilities of work, my artwork was put on the back burner for several years.  Last year when the Main Street Art Project was announced, I felt it was time to reconnect with my artwork..  I had a fantastic time helping create a board with the Airdrie Sky High Twirlers baton twirling club in Airdrie.   That was the start of my new found passion for painting. After successfully completing and submitting paintings for the Splash event for last year’s Artember, I haven’t looked back.

My paintings are generally centered around nature and mostly florals.  I find great delight in the colours, textures and movement you can find in your own back yard.

I was so honoured when I was asked to paint a chair for this year’s Airdirondack Art Project.  I look forward to giving back to the community. I am so excited that there is a new found interest in our vibrant art talent and I am sitting on the edge of my seat (or chair) to see this year’s submissions.

Kathryn Zondag’s paintings are designed to capture a perfect moment in time, where light offers an ethereal and romantic quality. Many subjects are carefully composed with dramatic shadows and highlights in appreciation of the beauty in light.¬† Best known for her “Surf and Turf” themed art, Kathryn grew up on Vancouver Island and later moved to Alberta to study at the Alberta College of Art and Design.¬† An Airdrie resident, Kathryn still maintains a small studio in her hometown of Nanaimo BC.¬† Locally, she has recently expanded her studio to accommodate commissioned mural and portrait clients.¬† Kathryn’s fine art originals and limited edition Giclees can be found in private and commercial collections across Western Canada.

“I love painting water and light.¬† I am always inspired by Alberta’s glorious sunsets, but the West Coast is my sanctuary. In a fast paced world filled with concrete and steel, we need to take the time to reflect and appreciate the true artistry and design of what God already created in nature. That is where I find my inspiration, and strive to capture it in my work. Too often this type of appreciation is lost until many of us pack their bags, leave our homes, escape the cold, and go on vacation. Many of my paintings are just as much about light as they are about the objects found in them. Darkness and light are purposefully exaggerated. Playful pops of color are designed to add romanticism. I strive to create an ethereal feel in my work ‚Äď in hopes that those who see my work will feel a sense of warmth and joy, and experience their own escape.” – Kathryn Zondag

Bob Harriman is a self-taught Canadian artist, inventor, industrial designer (retired), and published editorial cartoonist. The Airdrie Public Library featured a sixty year retrospective of his art in 2008 and has another exhibit scheduled for the Fall of 2014.

He has helped to raise thousands of dollars for various causes through the sale of his art since moving to Alberta in 2005. Jose’ Neto, blinded while walking with his fianc√© in downtown Calgary, the Airdrie Food Bank and Rotary Club, and the annual S.T.A.R.S galas. Bob works from a studio in his home and hopes his paintings will make you smile, awake an interest, or just revive a fond memory or two. Web Site: bobh4art.com.

The two students who’ve designed the “Welcome to Wonderland” chair are Danielle Hewek and Marlee Fitzpatrick.¬† Here is a little bit about them:

Danielle Hewek is a grade twelve student at St. Martin de Porres High School and has been highly involved in the Fine Arts at her school.  She has been enthusiastically active both the behind the scenes and centre stage in many a drama production and in visual arts exhibits at the school.  Danielle has demonstrated creativity in all the she does at school and in such courses as her Fashions Design courses. Danielle is graduating this year and is planning to take a year off to regroup creatively and prepare to apply to the Alberta College of Art and Design.

Marlee Fitzpatrick¬†is¬†a grade twelve student at St. Martin de Porres High School.¬† Marlee¬†often has a smile on her face and enjoys participating in and taking in the arts in a variety of capacities.¬† Marlee has taken art at St. Martin’s since grade¬†seven and has had work displayed on a number of occassions.¬† Marlee has a passion for singing and has demonstrated her talents to her school community on more than one occassion, whether through a drama production or the student talent shows.¬† Marlee will be taking a year off to work after graduating and will then be applying to the SAIT Radio Broadcasting program the following year.

Melissa Bruglemans-LaBelle is a celebrated artist in the Calgary and Airdrie focusing on Studio Art and conceptual body pieces. Her work speaks to beauty, life, color, movement and material. Published for her community fundraising activities, Melissa’s work has been seen in the Calgary Herald, Calgary Sun, and numerous news networks and on display both nationally and internationally. In 2002 she had received her First BFA in Drawing/ Painting from Augustana University College in Camrose, Alberta. In 2006 she received her Second BFA in Jewelry/ Metals at Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, Alberta. As an entrepreneur. Melissa is currently running a successful design business called Touch of Paint. Much of her commissioned work include painting portraits, murals, window paintings and wearable art.

Christina Waldner¬† “Fibre and textiles are the media in which I’ve chosen to work. Whether it’s weaving, art quilting or knitting with exotic fibres, my fascination with taking an essentially flat 2D medium and turning it into something 3D and functional is what drives my work. I want people to use what I create – whether they wear it, carry it, put their head on it, sit on it or use it to keep them warm. That, to me, is the best way to exhibit what I create.” ¬† cjswaldner.wordpress.com


Jeanne Botha

Born in Bellville, South Africa and became a Canadian citizen on November 21, 2008.

Resident of a family home at Cooper’s drive in Airdrie, Alberta.

She obtained a Masters degree in Chemistry at the University of Potchefstroom.

Mother, lover, daughter, sister and friend to some dearly beloved individuals.

She stands in awe of the natural world and all who dwell in it.

She fears living a life that makes  no positive impact upon the lives of others.

She seeks the Truth above all else and cherishes  the simple things in life.

She feels compelled to poetically compose the whispering voice of her Soul.

She intends to share these poems in order to touch the hearts of readers.

She is African, She is Canadian but she can truly be seen through the window of her poetry.

Debi Knutson has been an artist since her first doodling on her parents walls as a child. “I had a wonderful teacher in grade five who believed in my talents. My parents believed in me and got me private lessons during my high school years because nothing was available in rural Alberta in the schools in those days. “¬† She has also taken several continuing ed courses as an adult.

“I work in many different mediums including oil painting, acrylic paints, fibre quilt “painting”, photography, and¬†jewelry¬†making.”

Having been born and raised in Alberta has been a blessing because of the beauty and contrasts of the mountains,foothills, forests, and grasslands. I love the old buildings and the distinct seasons and want to capture as much of this as possible.

My inspiration for this project came from photos I took of flowers in my garden.  It has been interesting to work with this of type of paint for the chair and I love the finished result of layering the paints specially the reds and yellows as they reacted more like glazes. This project has been a fantastic learning experience.

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