Awesome Airdrie Submission Form

Is your idea awesome? Will it make Airdrie more awesome? Then share it with us! Simply fill out the form below before June 28, 2013

One thought on “Awesome Airdrie Submission Form

  1. I would like to create a program in Airdrie for youth and that serves specifically to low income families. I want to get their imaginations going and show them that with creativity and imagination the are unlimited possibilities. My program would be called Imagitivity and it would let youth experience different mediums of expression through art, drama, poetry/writing, and technology. Once they have learned a few things they would be free to create a masterpiece and have an evening to show it off. The program would run for 3-4 months to allow time to learn and create. I really believe that imagination and creativity are skills that all of us need and by giving youth opportunities to explore they can find out skills they never knew they had and find something they are passionate about – without their parents having to hand over tons of cash.

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