Artists Directory

Aaron Holmes, Writer/Photographer


Aaron Holmes believes that we are responsible to care for our planet and that sustainably is of utmost importance.  The world is changing.  Be ready for it.


Adam Kuzik, Photographer


Adam Kuzik is a professional photographer whose goal is to create a photography community through club activities and workshops.  He believes that everyone has a story and being asked to capture just a moment of that story is an incredible honour and responsibility.


Alex Baradoy, Photographer


Alex Baradoy captures nature at its finest.  A pygmy owl perched on a branch, Canada geese guarding their brood, his work is inspired by the natural world around us.


Alice Lord, Photographer


For Alice Lord photography has been a passion since childhood – looking at life through the viewfinder.  Alice is a native Albertan from northern Alberta – now residing in Airdrie and enjoying the beauty southern Alberta has to offer.


Alicia Laurin, Jewellery Designer


Alicia Laurin has been  making jewellery since 1999. Alicia loves abstract, fun colours, textures and  asymmetrical designs which become one-of-a-kind pieces as unique as the person who wears it.  She also enjoys custom orders, particularly weddings, and hosts ladies home parties and kids beading parties!


Bob Harriman, Painter


Bob Harriman loves working from his Airdrie studio, responding to enquiries generated by his web site, meeting patrons of his work and other artists.  Bob has a passion for individual involvement, particularly with youth, in art and culture activities.


Brenda Campbell, Illustrator


Brenda Campbell graduated from the Alberta College of Art in 1982.  Although born and raised in the city, Brenda’s heart has always been in the country where she chose to make her home and where she draws much of her energy and inspiration, transforming them into paintings or sketches filled with love, laughter and memories of days long since past.


Carl Patzel, Writer/Photographer


Carl Patzel has over two decades of professional photography and writing experience.  He specializes in fine art landscape photography – prints and books – pets, small weddings, commercial, photojournalism, digital imaging, restoration and design.


Carolyn McTighe, Writer


Carolyn McTighe is a freelance writer and author whose articles can be read in various magazines and newspapers across Canada and the US.  She is also the author of The Sakura Tree and How to Ruin Your Life and Other Lessons School Doesn’t Teach You. Both books were published by Red Deer Press and are currently available in bookstores around the country.


Celeste Johnston, Illustrator/Painter


Celeste Johnston is a Crossfield, Alberta based artist who enjoys creating images filled with magic, and whimsy from her home based studio.  She is an artist, yoga instructor, and nurturer at heart.


Char Vanderhorst, Painter


Char Vanderhorst’s preference is to paint images that portray international cultures of many nations incorporating a variety of colour and pattern.  When painting she wants to communicate ancient history and ethnic beauty in her artwork, whether it is a portrait or a landscape.


Cheryl Todd Shergold, Painter


As a self-taught artist, Cheryl Todd Shergold believes art is in everyone – her goal in life is to leave every person she loves with a little piece of herself.  Cheryl tries to look at the world with new eyes, to see the gift we’ve been given and to give back to the earth by caring and conserving.


Christine Taylor, Jewellery Designer


Christine Taylor’s wearable keepsakes each have a story to celebrate, whether it’s a joyous event like the birth of a child, or to keeping the memory of a loved one close to their heart.  The most rewarding part for Christine is working with each client to create a memorable wearable piece of art.


Clara Howden, Painter


Painting rural landscapes and florals came easily to Clara Howden, who was devoted to her rural background and who happily shares that she is for the most part self-taught, paints mainly in acrylic and prefers photo reference.  She is well-known for her numerous paintings on old cream cans and saws and has made quite a name for herself with her painted field stones.


Debi Knutson, Painter

Debi Knutson is an artist known for her painting.  Recently she contributed to art in the community when she completed work on the Main Street Art Project, a public art initiative by Creative Airdrie.


Debra Ackerman, Painter


Debra Ackerman is a professionally trained artist who is has experience in diverse projects ranging from mural art to set painting for theatrical and feature film production, to residential house painting.  Every project is completed with the utmost efficiency, professionalism and pride.


Dee Poisson, Painter


Dee Poisson’s goal in her work is to try to capture light in her one of a kind, individual pieces.  Though the focus of her work tends to be florals, she also creates drawings of Canine Service Dogs and have been enjoying the challenge of the landscape.


Devon Lavigne, Fibre Artist


Devon Lavigne has been designing and creating quilts as a passion and, thankfully, as her work for some time, being fascintated by the history of a quilt used for story-telling.  She is inspired by 19th century vibrant vintage fabrics and believes that one can never include enough fabric in a design.


Ellen Kelly, Writer


Ellen Kelly teaches Creative Writing as well as Personal Essay based on the free fall method and believes that people learn and create more effectively when they are having fun.  Her writing has appeared in numerous magazines and books including FreeFall, 2000%  Cracked Wheat (Coteau Books), and the Calgary Herald and has been shortlisted twice for the Jon Whyte Memorial Essay Prize.


Frances Iverson, Painter


Frances Iverson begain painting classes at Swinton’s Art Studio with her instructor Holly McWilliams and has a wide range of styles from abstract, still life, to portraits in acrylic and oils.  She has won first place at the Calgary Stampede in the category of Creative Arts and Crafts in 2009 for a portrait painted in oil.


Gary Giesbrecht, Illustrator/Fiddler


Gary Giesbrecht was raised on a mixed farm near Castor, Alberta and rode a pony to a one-room school which fostered his relationship with horses and the cowboy way of life.  As both a cowboy artist and musician Gary has been involved in the Calgary Stampede as his subjects tend to focus on pencil or pen and ink images of the western way of life.


Glen Collin, Painter


Glen Collin is noted for panoramic landscape in oils and is often found painting on location in the foothills.  Born in Peace River he attended the Alberta College of Art where he graduated in 1978 and currently works on an acreage out of his studio beside Nose Creek.


Gwen Lemay, Painter


Gwen Lemay began drawing and painting as a child and though she studied briefly at SAIT, she considers herself a self-taught artist.  She is inspired by the land, people and animals around us to translate her inspiration in watercolours, pastels, pencil and oils.


Heather Plimmer, Painter


Painting has changed the way Heather Plimmer looks at the world and she began to realize that we are surrounded by beautiful shapes and colors.  The ability to capture the moment through photography and then paint her interpretation of it is a feeling of ultimate consciousness.


Ingrid Vincent, Painter


Ingrid Vincent is so attracted to nature’s creativity wanting always to absorb it so she paints what she sees and feels about the subject thereby allowing the image to remain in the camera of her mind.  Life forms the ever-changing picture; the artist records it.


Isabelle Gosselin, Photographer/Interior Designer


Isabelle has always been in touch with arts as an Interior Designer and photography is something that she’s been passionate about for over 10 years.  She loves to cease beautiful moments with her camera and to be able to put these unforgetable times on a medium that will never fade away. She studied Literature and Interior Design at François-Xavier-Garneau in Québec and throughout this journey has always focused on photography with studies at Garneau College and most recently at SAIT.


Jaime Keenan, Photographer


Jaime Keenan is inspired everyday by natural beauty that surrounds us and loves to sit with a flower and inspect every angle with her camera, isolating delicate details, patterns and colors.  Photography allows her to express how she sees beauty in this world and one of her biggest pleasures in life is teaching this to other people as she believes that everyone has a story and we all see the world so differently - diversity is a beautiful thing!


Jane Romanishko, Painter


Jane Romanishko was born in Russia and is a graduate of the College of Art Education in Siberia.  As well as four years of study involving art history, painting and drawing in European tradition, she holds a Masters Degree in Architecture.


Jeanne Botha, Poet


Jeanne Botha is a poet living and working in Airdrie.  In the past year her words have been included in a mural about community as part of the Main Street Art Project by Creative Airdrie.


Jennifer Pyykonen, Vintage Creator


Jennifer Pyykonen is a creator specializing in Vintage Furniture – she loves renewing an Antique piece with a fresh coat of paint and maybe a French Scroll, making it ready to last another 100 years - think of the journey these pieces have been on!  She tries new DIY techniques constantly, believing the world is at her finger tips, and also dabbles in decorating, staging and photography.


Kathryn Zondag, Painter


 ”The artist vocation is to send light into the human heart. (Robert Schumann)”  Kathryn Zondag’s work is designed to capture a perfect moment in time, where light offers an ethereal and romantic quality.  Many subjects are carefully composed with dramatic shadows and highlights in appreciation of the beauty in light.


Kelly Gannon, Caricaturist

Kelly Gannon is well-known for his whimsical drawing and has travelled extensively while drawing many caricatures in under four minutes.  As well as performing for corporate and private events, he is also an illustrator and musician.


Ken Vickets, Carver/Painter


Ken Vickets is a  Western Canadian artist whose lifelong love of artwork has taken him on an exploration of all mediums including combining his woodwork and painting skills into the creation of award winning wildfowl carvings.He can frequently be seen painting on the beaches, bluffs, lakeshores, and mountaintops  that are so much a part of the Western Canadian landscape.  Spending  so much of his time outdoors, it was only natural that he became  enamored with wildlife and wildfowl.


Kenneth LeBlanc, Photographer


Kenneth LeBlanc is a fine art photographer living in Western Canada.  Please explore the photos in the site and any comments are greatly appreciated.

Koos de Jongh, Painter


Koos de Jongh is basically a self-taught artist who, after moving to Canada from the Netherlands, studied abstract painting at the Alberta College of Art and Design.  Most of his current work is inspired by nature, utilizing a minimalist’s approach to explore the energy of nature which he translates onto canvas using acrylics and mixed media to create tension with vibrant colour and texture.


Kristen Shima, Photographer


Kristen Shima loves design and loves creating. She believes her designed photographic sessions are equally important to the end product of her originally inspired wall art.  She prides herself on creating more than just photographs. She and her team are out-of-the-box thinkers with their own style and unique wall decor.


Kristy Reimer, Photographer


Kristy Reimer’s photographic style journey has spawned from searching for flattering light, believing that well lit subjects are the first building blocks of good photography.  She has become known for pushing the boundaries of bold colors while keeping the “bones” of a good technical image by utilizing natural light, off-camera flash, and studio.


Lori Presiloski, Carver/Photographer


Lori Presiloski is inspired by influenced and inspired by her love of family, friends, rural life and nature.  She invites the viewer to slip into her work, to escape every day life, and to step away from the fast pace of daily routine…just for a moment.


Lorne Peterson, Painter


Lorne Peterson is an oil painter whose main interest lies in landscape an in particular ships on the sea though he also translates his love of realism to portraiture.  Being raised on the east coast gave him a tremendous respect and love for the ocean and the men whose lives depend on it.


Lynn Stark, Lampwork/Stained Glass


Lynn Stark enjoys working over a gas fueled torch to melt rods and tubes of clear and colored glass in order to create wearable pieces of art.She also creates beautiful stained glass pieces for function and display.


Melissa Brugelmans, Painter


Melissa Brugelmans is particularly well-known for her paintings which have been created as focal points for store windows.  She was also involved in the creation of a Main Street Project mural panel and AIRdirondack chair with Creative Airdrie.


Michelle Pickering, Painter


It starts with Michelle Pickering’s passion of creativity – she loves stepping out to  inspire people in their own beauty.  She is inspired by finding that place right in the middle between heaven in earth, that  slice of joy, that place that inside that sets you free with unconditional love for yourself.


Paul Runnals, Photographer


Paul Runnall’s passion is photograghy whether he is in Alberta or any other part of Canada – it`s something he just loves to do.  The changing weather, clouds and landscape create patterns which inspire new work and he is always grateful for the opportunity to capture these portraits of this beautiful country.


Rhea Warholik, Mixed Media


Rhea Warholik works in a variety of media, focusing rather on the process of creating art than the subject or medium, working in a manner that is loose and intuitive as she wants to add more joy to this world that she feels priviledged to live in.  Encaustic is a favorite method of working, which incorporates the centuries-old process of heated wax and layered items though she is also well known for her creations of fantastical altered shoes.


Robyn G. Cooper, Painter


Robyn G. Cooper is a painter whose work is inspired by the garden – her luminscent florals are joy-filled and capture the colour, light and fragility of a flower’s petals.  There is happiness to be found in the garden which is translated to the canvas to be enjoyed all year round.


Ron Henry, Stained Glass


Ron Henry is inspired by stained glass, as an art and a craft, which requires the artistic skill to conceive an appropriate and workable design, and the engineering skills to assemble the piece.  He enjoys the fact that the coloured glass can be arranged to form patterns or pictures and is a medium that has been utilized for a thousand years.


Rod Wood, Photographer


As we navigate through our day, it takes a presence of mind to stop looking and start seeing, where new vision is possible, and for photographer Rod Wood this revelation is one of wonder, pleasure and enjoyment; a visual serendipity.  Rod was schooled in fine arts, had a successful career as a graphic designer before retirement and throughout this journey he carried a camera at his side and with time photography became his primary creative outlet.


Ryan Jade, Magician

Ryan Jade began his studies of theatre with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Lethbridge followed by performances in Fringe Festivals.  He has continued to travel and study with various professional magicians and currently performs for private and group functions.


Samreen Junaid, Henna Artist


Samreen Junaid began practicing the art of henna at fifteen years of age in her home country of Pakistan.  Her designs are intricate and feminine and are created for daily adornment as well as celebrations.


Sergei Belski, Photographer


Sergei Belski is a professional photographer who specializes in photographing people…weddings, families, sports and commercial work.


Sharon Smith, Fibre Artist


As a quilter and designer, Sharon Smith is thrilled to work in an environment that she is passionate about, being surrounded by items that are unique and made by hand.  She also has the honour of making friends out of those she has the pleasure of meeting and teaching the art of quilt-making.


Shawn MacPherson, Stained Glass


Shawn MacPherson loves to go to work every day as a glass artist and teacher who works in stained and fused glass, mosaics and glass painting.  With the support of Airdrie and the surrounding areas Shawn has been blessed with the daily opportunity to inspire others to be creative in her studio and shop.


Shirley Wood, Fibre Artist


Shirley Wood’s images begin as a digital photograph printed onto fabric and by using free-motion stitching on top of the image, Shirley creates an original fibre art piece.  Her sewing adds a sculptural quality to the two-dimensional images that inspired  her while reflecting the same depth that originally inspired the photograph.


Stewart McLeish, Photographer


“Life is not measured by the number of breaths  we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away” ~ Anonymous
When Stewart McLeish first saw this quote it had a profound effect on him, summing up his feelings about his world.  His art is all about emotional responses as he take pictures of moments in time when his breath is taken away, each
photograph tells a story.


STORM, Musicians
STORM is a local band consisting of original members Ryan Fleisher, a bassist, and his brother Brad Fleisher, lead vocalist and guitarist, who play original music as well as popular covers by artists such as Pink Floyd, Hedly and Bon Jovi.  A highlight in their muscial career was opening for Tom Cochrane and Red Rider in 2010.


Tami Hort Lathwell, Painter


Tami Hort Lathwell believes that being artistic is a gift and is as natural to her as writing but she believes anyone can be taught to be an artist.  She is an instuctor for The Artists Playground teaching home school Art students for Airdrie and community and has fun to watching and discovering who the next fledging young artists will be.


Tara Twan, Painter


Tara Twan creates art because it is her contribution to society that makes her feel most accomplished and truly shares of herself when painting.  This is her way of sharing what she cares about, her sense of humour - creating art makes her feel alive, it is what she knows.


Tracy-Lee Shannon, Ceramicist


Tracy-Lee Shannon’s influence comes from the  decorative Art Nouveau artists such as Gustav Klimt with his extraordinary use  of pattern and figure, and also the incredible vision of the figure intertwined in architecture that was so prevalent in the early 1900’s.  These artists drew from nature, the figure, landscape and architecture and she believes it is through the inspiration of these images that we create our own personal adaptation of what we see.


Veronica Funk, Painter

Veronica Funk’s goal as an artist is to create a sanctuary, an inviting place to be still.  She studied Art & Design at Red Deer College, is working toward a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting with Thompson Rivers University, focused on painting at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, apprenticed with a stone sculptor and potters, and her work is currently found in publications and collections around the world.


Zachary Abbott, Graffiti Artist


Zach Abbott  has become well-known for his street art in graffiti which is an artform that has been present since ancient times and that can include writing or elaborate paintings.

As well he also practices screen printing, stencilling, is the Owner/Operator of Make Believe Fantasy Textiles and a member of the Artichoke Initiative.

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