AIR 106.1 FM (formerly The Range Radio), 159 East Lake Blvd.


Award winning photographer Stewart McLeish is exhibiting his work at Air 106.1 FM.  Stewart is a retired marketing and sales executive who enjoys free-lance photography.  Born and raised in Britain, he immigrated to Canada at age 23.  Two years later he became a Canadian citizen.Art in various forms has always been a passion for Stewart.  In his early 20′s Stewart briefly experimented with black & white photography, then devoted his time and energy into making a living and raising his family.  During this period he began to sketch again with a focus on portraiture.

After retirment, Stewart’s passion for photography was rekindled, this time with an ecclectic variety of subject matter including landscape and portraits and whose work follows his personal credo, “Life is not measured by the  number of breaths we take, but by the  number of moments that take our breath  away.”   www.discoverairdrie.com

Airdrie Public Library, 111-304 Main Street


photo by Aaron Holmes
January 2, 2012 - March 5, 2012:  Between Heaven & Earth 

Michelle Pickering studied Art & Design at Red Deer College followed by Graphic Design at Grant McEwan University before being offered the opportunity to be involved in the creative Main Street Revitalization Project in Red Deer where she was recognized with an award for her contribution. Since then she has become a Reiki Practitioner and painter. Reiki (meaning “universal life energy” in Japanese) is a form of therapy that uses simple hands-on, no-touch, and visualization techniques, with the goal of improving the flow of life energy in a person – to relieve stress and pain, and to improve the symptoms of various health conditions.It is her passion for creativity and love of stepping out to inspire others in their own beauty that is reflected in her work both as a painter and Reiki practice. She is inspired to find that place right in the middle between heaven and earth; that slice of joy; that place inside that sets a person free with unconditional love.  Her favorite quote captures her motivation, “You are the creator of your universe. You can create (manifest) anything! Do not limit what you think you
can do. You can do anything! Without judgments you can lovingly acknowledge what you create, which will open the flow for greater creations.” (Author

As a teacher she is always open to new ideas and hopes to translate them in her work. She offers people the opportunity to let their artistic expression flow and allows for personal inspiration to guide to new heights. You can read  more about her online at www.michellepickering.weebly.com.

In conjunction with the Between Heaven & Earth exhibit, local jewelry designer Alicia Laurin is exhibiting her latest body of work. Alicia Laurin has been making jewellery since 1999. While being a self-taught jewellery artist, her life experiences, research, and experimenting with different mediums are
what led to Alicia evolving into the artist she is today. Alicia loves abstract, fun colours, textures and asymmetrical designs, which really come through in her
work.  She creates all one-of-a-kind pieces as unique as the person who wears it.  She loves that other women can express their own creativity through her designs!  www.beadedbliss.webs.com

Art In Motion, Airdrie Transit


Airdrie Transit monthly pass holders will notice a creative, colorful change starting in September with the launch of the Art in
Motion initiative. The work of 22 local artists is featured on monthly transit passes over the next year. This is the first time Airdrie Transit has showcased local artistic work on transit passes.“Showing my work is something I really like to do and Art in Motion is an amazing opportunity for people to see art on a daily basis and perhaps realize that art is not something far away, but can be very nearby. If this helps a little bit to make their day, I would be very happy,” said artist Koos de Jongh.

“We’re excited to share the energy, passion and talent of local artists on our 2011/2012 monthly transit passes,” added Chris MacIsaac, Airdrie Transit Coordinator. “This has been a fantastic experience for Airdrie Transit to work closely with the arts community to show the linkages between public transit and public art.”

“Art in Motion is a wonderful vehicle for bringing local art to local eyes. People using transit get to view art in an unexpected way and can appreciate the
talented artists they share their city with. Through Art in Motion riders may discover that art is not only in the displays, but as well, is out the windows
in the passing scenes of their everyday world,” said local artists Rod and Shirley Wood.

A brochure with details on the local artists and his or her work will be available throughout the year.

Passes can be purchased at Airdrie City Hall, Genesis Place, Shoppers Drug Mart on Main Street, Airdrie Co-op and the Calgary Transit Customer Service
Centre in downtown Calgary.  http://www.airdrie.ca/transit/artinmotion.cfm

Genesis Place, 800 East Lake Blvd.


The City of Airdrie provides local and regional artists with the opportunity to showcase their work for up to 2 consecutive months in a variety of high traffic public spaces and meeting rooms including the upper foyer at Genesis Place.  Currently the exhibit includes the work of Laurence Subra-Bieusses  who is a local photographer.  Being raised in France her move to Canada inspired her to capture the beauty of our country.  http://www.picts2live.com/

Main Street Project


Creative Airdrie takes on Main Street for our sophomore project to promote the arts.
The Main Street Art Project was a collaborative effort between artists and citizens. More than 1300 people volunteered their time to bring this project to reality. Our many thanks to our sponsors Ravenswood, Fulton’s Home Hardware,   Sign Concepts, Fat Boys Renovations, The City of Airdrie, airdrielife and the property owner Integrated Care/Luxstone Manor.  What was an empty lot on Main Street is now a 300 ft work of art. When construction on the site eventually takes place the boards will be offered up to the schools, community groups and individuals to use for their own enjoyment or fundraising.  http://www.creativeairdrie.ca/

Nose Creek Valley Musem, 1701 Main Street S.W. 


Imagined Texts: Exploring Community – December 14, 2011 to January 24, 2012
Imagined Texts: Exploring Community is a special project designed and implemented by the Alberta Printmakers’
Society (AP), the Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society (AWCS) and the Calgary Chapter of the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild (CBBAG). Through collaborative artistic expression these organizations have enticed citizens into a meaningful dialogue about the communities they live in. The goal is to heighten awareness and knowledge of printmaking, storytelling and bookbinding as art forms capable of addressing contemporary issues and concerns. In association with the Alberta Society of Artists (ASA), Imagined Texts became a touring exhibition to be enjoyed by all Albertans in the fall of 2009.During several weekends in September 2008 the Alberta Printmakers’ studio in Calgary was bursting at the seams with energy, chatter, creativity and hard work. Over 300 people of diverse backgrounds passed through the facility to witness and collaborate with printmakers, bookbinders and writers in developing images and text related to community. This effort led to the creation of almost 150 unique art works. The participants responded to some or all of the following questions:  What does community mean to you? What issues or concerns exist in your community? With which community(ies) do you identify? 

Many themes emerged, with the strongest revolving around relationships with friends, family and animals in our lives. The Internet, a sense of place, whether home or neighborhood and connections to a place within nature were other notable themes. Several works abstractly dealt with concepts of unity and togetherness or alluded to homelessness and poverty.  http://www.nosecreekvalleymuseum.com/

Peppercorns Restaurant, 91 East Lake Cres NE


Stephen Strain is an accomplished artist and musician. He was born in Hungary and started painting at a young age. Ultimately he earned four diplomas: interior design, guitar, movie animation and eventually painting. He worked in several fields relating to his training but didn’t find much satisfaction. He decided to concentrate on the guitar.Attracted by the gypsy flamenco style, he started to learn the technique. He found this to be a challenge for a
time. One day one of his Spanish guitar teachers stopped him and said he was playing flamenco. He had tapped into the heart of flamenco, a skill that is every bit heart and soul as it is about technique. 

Many of his paintings are filled with multiple images, which conjure up different feelings or events and complete a story. He said he often requests people to look at his paintings for the duration of a song, in order to get a fuller feeling of their story.  Stephen has performed at such venues as Spruce Meadows, the Rimrock Hotel in Banff and select places in Calgary. His artwork can be viewed at the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies and the Aura Gallery of Contemporary Art, both in Banff. He has also had his artwork auctioned to raise money for the Calgary Opera and the Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre. www.flamencoelegante.com

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  1. 4723, Norquay Drive NW July 11,2014
    Calgary, Alberta
    T2K 2K9

    To whom it may concern:

    My name is Richard E Duck Chief and I am part of the Nuit Blanche Calgary event that is taking place on September the 20th 2014 from 7PM until 1AM.The Nuit Blanche Calgary Society is a non-profit organization that presents this free, sunset-to-late night, contemporary performance art festival every 2 years.
    The first Nuit Blanch Calgary festival took place back in September 2012 and it literally transformed Calgary’s Olympic and Municipal Plazas, in the heart of down town Calgary, into a full-scale civic art gallery for more than 10,000 viewers for over 8 hours. The city’s downtown came alive with unforgettable live performance art produced by local and internationally known performance artists doing remarkable, unique installations. This year we aim to achieve and surpass the last event and are looking for interest and support from the community associations in and around Calgary, which brought my attention to (association name).
    We want to make sure we connect with as many communities in and around Calgary as possible so that they can attend this awe inspiring and free event. For this we are hoping that you would help us to extend our invitation to your community.
    You can help us by:
    • Subscribing to and sharing our bi-weekly “LUX” E-Newsletter
    • Posting our festival on your community events calendar
    • Allowing us to place printed material at your facilities
    • Sharing a link to our website http://www.nuitblachecalgary.ca
    Please let us know which of these options you can support and let us know if you have any questions.
    Thank you for your time, we will be looking forward to hearing from you in the near future.

    Richard E Duck Chief

    Nuit Blanche Assistant

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