Ten Works of Art Being Raffled Off!

ARTember may be over but there is one activity that is still going on- the raffle of the ten skateboard deks turned into original works of art by area tattoo artists.
“The boards are incredible, “ says Robyn Cooper who coordinated the artists. “People who are buying them are hoping to win and display it on a wall. The boards would also make the coolest Christmas gift for Airdrie’s skateboard enthusiasts so many parents are buying tickets hoping their Christmas shopping is done!”

Proceeds from the raffle are invested into youth oriented art projects in the community such as the ARTember Street Art Gallery. Tickets are 3 for $20 or $10 each. With only a 1000 tickets printed that’s a 1 in 100 chance to win.
The boards will be awarded to the ten winners in order of the draw and the first name gets first choice, second name second choice etc.

Tickets can be purchased at Pharmasave, Sully’s Board Sports, The Hair Lounge and Killarneys. Draw date is November 30.

Artist Bios

Brandi Lee, proprietor of Human Kanvas Tattoo and Piercing.
Brandi has been in the industry for 10+ years, has travelled across the world to
showcase her talent and artistry in Tattooing. She’s a mother of two, winner of several
tattoo awards, successful Airdrie business owner and philanthropist involved in many local charities.
Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Brandi’s interests
include drawing, painting, snowboarding and tattooing, of course!

Courtney Cangelosi has been a tried and tested Airdronian since 2002.
Graduated from George McDougall, she’s dabbled in all different kinds of
work till finding her one true love, Piercing. Courtney loves to sing, write,
snowboard, wakeboard, travel and surf. She’s also been doing advanced piercings
as an art form, including corsetting, suspension and dermal anchoring.
Check out www.HumanKanvas.com for her wicked works of art!

Jay Skelly grew up in Crossfield, Alberta. Jay loves to paint, draw, play the drums,
and of course Tattoo. Jay started as an apprentice with Human Kanvas in 2009, and is now
a permanent fixture in Human Kanvas Airdrie. Come check out more of his art at our Airdrie shop location!

Stephanie Goulding was born in Calgary, but has lived in a couple of Alberta’s cities throughout her 24 years of life. She is currently holed up in a cavernous basement suite in NW Calgary with her boyfriend and her cat, Atticus: Attorney at Law.

Most of Stephanie’s artwork is portrait based, usually referring to friends and enemies as models to portray whichever feeling is weighing her down at the time. She draws inspiration from fantasy and horror, music and comic books, most often through the use of pencil, but she dabbles in other mediums including colored pencils, charcoal, watercolor and the occasional oil painting. Stephanie’s hobbies include photography, Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathons, and talking in the third person.



Nathan Morrison
Nathan Morrison, born and raised in Calgary, Alberta.
Currently resides in Okotoks, Alberta and works at Human Kanvas Airdrie.
Nate’s favorite art mediums are anything with color! Nate loves geeky type things, and bare knuckle bear fighting.
Nate was raised by a group of duckbilled platypus’ until accidentally walking into a tattoo studio.
He just happened to have his drawings with him, and was offered a primitive apprenticeship and has been tattooing
for 4+ years.

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