Awesome Airdrie Rules

How it works:

1. Think of something awesome that you want to do whatever awesome means to you! Be sure it can be accomplished or at least started with $1000. It should be something that benefits our city, your community, helps start a business or is simply an awesome idea.

2. Fill out the  submission form and tell us about your idea and submit an optional 60 sec video.

3. The Pitch Party  Pitch your idea at the Pitch Party December 14, 2011.  If your idea makes the top four finalists we’ll invite you the meet the Awesome Judging Team and make a 90 second pitch to us and answer a few questions. Wow us!

4. And the $1000 goes to…. After the four pitches the judges will deliberate (think of this as a commercial break) and then come back and announce the winner. The $1000 will be handed out right then and there no strings attached. All we ask is that you keep us in the loop and assit us with a video to commemorate your finished awesome idea for prosperity.

9 awesome indicators

Awesome Foundation Toronto has a great list of guidelines so we are borrowing them (because they are so awesome) to help you  (and us) define what is awesome.

1. Newness – Is this idea totally new?

2. Niceness – Is this idea one that makes people happy or helps people?

3. Bigness/Inclusion – Potential to reach many people – Can anybody join?

4. Hilarity – Does it make us laugh?

5. Wow-ness – Does it make us say “Holy crap, that’s awesome”?

6. Utility – Does the $1000 make the difference between the project
happening or not?

7. Value – Is the awesome foundation getting real “Bang for its buck”?

8. Staying Power – Can the project endure? Will it start a movement, annual event?

9. Environmental Impact – Needless waste is not awesome

If you idea is awesome send it to us now!


Legal mumbo jumbo

Good news there isn’t any! Any submission you make becomes available to us to display on our wwebsites and press releases but al the intellectual property rights belong to you. Hey we’re just giving away the money! Isn’t that awesome!

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