Awesome Airdrie

The Awesomeness Has Returned!

The 4th Awesome Airdrie Pitch Party will take place Wednesday March 27 at IlForno Restaurant  at 7 pm.


That means it’s time for those awesome ideas to be registered. If you have an awesome idea you think will make Airdrie a more awesome place and would like to win $1000 cash right on the spot, then send in your idea!!  CLICK HERE TO ENTER Deadline to submit an awesome idea is March 10.  The best ideas are those that make the awesome jury say “wow that’s an awesome idea!”

We will announce the top ideas that get to do the live pitch on March 18.

$1000 Available for Airdrie’s Awesome Idea

Citizens of Airdrie have the chance to walk away with $1000 this March to bring an awesome idea to life. All anyone has to do is think of something awesome they want to do in Airdrie. “That “awesome” can mean anything that can be achieved or at least started with $1000,” says Koos de Jongh, one of the Awesome Airdrie judges “and is ideally something that will benefit our community, helps start a business or a just a really awesome idea.”

“This is such a great concept and foundation,” says Creative Airdrie Executive Director Linda Bruce, “this allows anyone at all to step forward and say “you know I’ve always thought it would be awesome to have x or y in Airdrie”. It could mean a swing rope at the pool, a movie night in the park, a new program for youth or seniors, and the sky is the limit.”

Anyone can submit their idea and enter online. The top four ideas will be invited to the pitch party March 27. “Think Dragon’s Den but much more fun,” says Bruce. “All you have to do is wow us.” The winner will be chosen immediately by the judging panel and handed the cash to bring their idea to life.

“We ask only one thing,” de Jongh says. “That you keep us in the loop and help us create a video of your finished Awesome project.”

To date three $1000 awesome grants have been given away.

The Awesome Foundation was created in Boston in 2009 distributing monthly $1000 grants to projects and their creators. The money is given upfront in cash and is provided with no strings attached – offering “micro grants for micro-brilliance.” Since its beginning Awesome Foundation chapters have sprung up around the world supporting projects in the areas of technology, arts social good and beyond$1000 Available for Airdrie’s Awesome Idea




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